30 Consecutive years as the industry's leading brand in sales
Excellent Clients Served
Rich successful experience has earned us a high reputation in the domestic and international markets. International advanced service standard and domestic high quality production level successfully provide mature reducer products for many large enterprises at home and abroad.
Professional guarantee
Excellent quality
Continuous innovation
With quality management, environmental safety, occupational health three systems certification, CNAS, IAF, CE Europe and the United States certification and ROHS EU environmental protection certification.

30 years of professional speed reducer R & D and manufacturing with advanced precision production lines and assembly processes, with more than 50 patents of invention, utility models and design patents at home and abroad.
Obtained EU ERP energy efficiency certification
In line with international green development strategies
Leading the transmission industry with continuous technological innovation, we value the relationship of trust with society, customers, shareholders, partners and co-workers, and continue to create indispensable values in people's lives.

The world's leading provider of speed reduction system solutions and professional manufacturer of high quality precision Worm gear Reducer.

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CYCM Series Reducer
CYRW Series Reducer
CYRV Series Reducer
CYWF Series Reducer
CYVF Series Reducer
CYPC Series Reducer
Double Stage VF40+RV63
Always pursuing higher quality and constantly promoting change and innovation
4 reasons to choose us
One-stop service provider for speed reducers
Strict production process
Recognized by many of the world's leading companies
Many specifications and varieties
Speed reducer supermarket, everything, can meet a variety of needs, to help you easily realize one-stop speed reducer procurement!
Scale advantage,
capacity guarantee
30 years of specialization in the production and development of high-quality speed reducers
Professional solutions, high-end customization
Strong team of engineers, professional, hassle-free, fast
The products have passed CNAS quality certification, CE European and American certification, ROHS EU environmental certification, IAF global quality and other certifications. The combination of sophisticated professional equipment and patented production process ensures that every product that leaves the factory meets the standard and meets the customer's requirements.
Large categories of reducers, many series, many types of speed ratio, derived products up to a number of specifications can be mass-produced six series of standard system manufacturers: CYCM series, CYRV series, CYRW series, CYVF series, CYPC series, CYWF series.Multi-stage reducer series.
Founded in 1993, covers an area of 45 acres, construction area of about 30,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees; set reducer machine turning, R & D production, sales in one of the one-stop enterprise; annual output of 50W sets of reducer, production capacity is sufficient.
We design special performance and non-standard structure reducer for you, and customize the whole set of reducer solution. Through the third-party factory inspection of many brand group customers, product development, product quality, order delivery, service follow-up, etc. are effectively guaranteed.

We value our relationships of trust with society, customers, shareholders, partners and employees.

Carrying out the nature of industrialists and the social responsibility of entrepreneurs, and developing a "better future" through win-win cooperation.

Providing on-the-ground solutions for a variety of industries
Material Conveying
Printing & Packaging
Building construction
Chip Semiconductor
Wind power photovo
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The company has more than 200 employees, more than 40 engineers and technicians, covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 100,000 sets of reducers, is one of the large and medium-sized reducer industry with the scale and strength of the production enterprise, "Credit China" certified enterprises.
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Our company has always been committed to employee occupational health and safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, and product quality management. As the cornerstone of corpora...
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Gearboxes and Worm gearbox For industrial applications
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